Single Slider Windows

The single slider window is another classic design, and probably the most affordable type of window out there. It’s an incredibly versatile window style that can be used to compliment almost any room.

What is a single slider window?

single-slider-window-qualitechA single slider window consists of one stationary sash and a second sash that slides left or right (depending on the window’s orientation) to open the window and allow for air flow. They are very similar in construction to single hung windows.

Single slider windows come in a variety of sizes, making them great utility windows. Larger styles work well for kitchens, offices, and bedrooms. Because these windows don’t swing out, they are an excellent choice for rooms that face high traffic areas or are close to trees, buildings, or other structures. Smaller slider windows are an excellent option for basements, where window choices are limited, and bathrooms, where natural lighting and ventilation are desirable but privacy is necessary.

Qualitech’s single slider windows are made from a lead-free uPVC power compound, making them highly resistant to cracking, warping, and blistering. Our windows do not fade, even in direct sunlight, and require no additional maintenance.

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