Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are what most consider to be the classic window style. As such, you’ll find that they’re a great addition to any room in your house.

What is a single hung window?

A single hung window has one sash (frame of glass) that remains stationary, and a second sash that can be slid up and down to open the window and allow for ventilation. single-hung-window-qualitech-windowsTypically, it is the bottom sash that slides out of convenience. It is similar in construction to a single slider window.

Because these windows do not swing out, they are a great choice for rooms that face high traffic areas such as patios or walkways, as well as rooms that are near other trees, buildings, or other structures.

Qualitech’s single hung windows are energy efficient and made of a lead-free uPVC powder compound, making them resistant to cracking, warping, and blistering. They will not fade or lose colour, even in direct sunlight, and require no additional maintenance.

Whether you are looking to replace existing windows in your home, or want to brighten up an office or bedroom with another window, contact Qualitech today!