Insulated Glass Units

insulated-glass-units-qualitech-windowsAlso known as sealed glass units, double/triple pane, or double/triple glazing, an insulated glass unit consists of two or sometimes three panes of glass separated by spaces, then sealed together into one single unit. The space between the window panes can be filled with a gas such as krypton or argon to increase the unit’s insulating properties.

Why use insulated glass units?

It’s no secret that the Canadian prairies are home to some extreme weather conditions, ranging from below -35 in the winter and upwards of +35 in the summers. Unfortunately, while the windows in our homes allow for great natural lighting and fresh air they also account for a significant amount of heat loss. The wrong windows in your home can make for some cold winter nights and sweltering summer days, not to mention increased energy bills to battle the temperature.

Insulated glass units increase a home’s energy efficiency by limiting the amount of heat loss through the windows. The second pane of glass as well as the argon or krypton between the layers helps to diffuse the heat loss and ultimately helps save you some money on your energy bills. It’s this increase in energy efficiency that has lead to the popularity of sealed glass units.

Like all of Qualitech’s windows, our insulated glass units are made from a lead-free uPVC powder compound that makes them highly resistant to cracking, warping, and blistering. Our glass units won’t fade, even when exposed to direct sunlight. Most importantly, they require no additional maintenance.

If you’re interested in upgrading your home’s windows or are simply curious about the benefits of using sealed glass units in your home, contact the experts at Qualitech today.