Entry Doors

entry-door-qualitech-windows-doorsWhile entry doors serve the practical purpose of providing entrance into your home, they also provide the opportunity to make a statement. Qualitech offers a wide variety of doors to fit your home, style, and personal preference.


Sidelights are optional window panels that run alongside of an entrance door. These can be placed on both sides of the door or just one depending on the amount of space available and personal preference. They are the perfect opportunity to add a unique feature to your home, and allow more natural light into your entryway. Qualitech offers a variety of different sidelight options to complement your new entry door.

Like our windows, our entry door and sidelight glass is made from a lead-free uPVC powder compound, making it highly resistant to cracking, warping, or blistering. Our entry doors will not fade or lose colour, even in direct sunlight. Most importantly, no additional maintenance is required.

Whether you are building a new house and want to make a statement with your home’s entryway, or you’re looking to upgrade your existing doors to add character and natural light Qualitech can help. Contact our team today for a free in-home consultation!