Double Ended Slider Windows

double-ended-slider-window-qualitech-windowsAlso sometimes called end vent sliders, these windows provide the same ease of use as other sliding window designs with the bonus of additional ventilation. These types of windows are popular choices for openings wider than 65” when a sliding design is preferred over a crank.

What is a double end slider window?

A double end slider window has sliding sashes at both ends of the window and a stationary sash in the middle. In other words, these windows can be opened from both sides to increase ventilation and allow for better airflow in the room. Double end sliders are a particularly good window choice for the kitchen, as they allow ample natural light as well as plenty of ventilation you may need when cooking.

Because they slide as opposed to swing out, double end slider windows are a great choice for rooms that are near high-traffic areas, buildings, trees, or structures that may otherwise be impeded by a swinging window.

Qualitech’s double end slider windows are made from a lead-free uPVC power compound, making them highly resistant to cracking, warping, and blistering. Our windows do not fade, even in direct sunlight, and require no additional maintenance.

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