Bay and Bow Windows

bow-bay-windows-qualitech-windows-and-doorsIf you’re looking to create a different, dynamic appearance in your home, you can opt to install bay or bow windows.

These windows add dramatic flair to any living space, including living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Despite what some believe, you don’t require a large space to install them. The way that these windows are built actually allows them to fit into smaller spaces and even add the illusion of extra space. Bay and bow windows are perfect for brightening up dark spaces, as the large panes invite natural light into your home.

Though these two types of windows are very similar, there are a few key differences:

Bay Windows

  • Consist of three panels, one large panel flanked by two smaller panels
  • Dramatic extension from the building
  • Sharp angles

Bow Windows

  • Consist of four or more panels, all the same size
  • All panels are installed at an equal angle to each other
  • A rounded, more subtle appearance

Qualitech’s bay and bow windows are completely lead-free, made from a uPVC compound that increases resistance to impact and will not crack, warp, or blister. Our windows do not fade or lose colour, even in direct sunlight. Most importantly, our windows do not require any additional maintenance.

A beautiful bay or bow window can be the perfect room feature and the pride of a homeowner. Contact Qualitech today to learn more about our bay and bow window options.