Awning Windows


Awning windows can add a sense of elegance to your home. While similar to casement windows in that they allow fresh air into your home, awning windows are hinged along the top as opposed to the side. This allows for you to keep windows open even if it’s raining without needing to worry about getting water in your home. The windows also tend to be wider and shorter than casement windows, which may fit certain rooms better.

The ease-of-use, simple construction, and shielding feature makes awning windows an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, or even basement windows. Awning windows can be hung higher up on a wall to offer privacy (such as in a bathroom or basement bedroom) or they can be combined with other assorted windows to create an elegant window feature.

Like our casement windows, Qualitech’s awning windows are triple-sealed and weather-tight for maximum energy efficiency. Additionally, they are led free and made of a uPVC compound, increasing impact resistance and preventing your windows from cracking, warping, or blistering.

Qualitech Windows can help ensure you select the right windows to enhance your home. Contact our team today!