After thousands of customers and many windows installed throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, we have compiled a list of the most common questions that we get asked.

Can you give me a ballpark price?

It’s a little difficult to give you a ballpark price on the web or showroom, because there are many factors. For instance, what is the exterior of your house? The interior? How old is the house? Do you have a nail flange on your existing windows? What is the exact size of your windows? Is there any termite/dry rot damage? What kind of install do you want? Do you want special trim? Because of all those questions, we would need to visit your house, to provide you with the accurate estimate.

When can you give us a free an in-home estimate?

We are available Monday-Saturday. Please give us a call to arrange a free in-home estimate. Since this is a very busy time, the only request is that all decision makers are present at the time of the presentation. We are not high pressure, but since it is a free in-home estimate, we want to get all of the questions answered at that time. We bring samples, prices, etc.

What is the advantage of vinyl over aluminum/wood?

Qualitech vinyl framed windows are maintenance free, never need painting, will not corrode, shrink, crack or fade. Vinyl is a natural insulator, with the similar insulation properties as wood.

What is High Performance LoE Glass?

High Performance LoE glass products give you year-round energy savings and comfort by helping manage the sun’s energy and the heating system energy in your home. High Performance LoE2 glass products are coated with microscopically thin, optically transparent layers of silver sandwiched between layers of anti-reflective metal oxide coatings. These “smart” coatings provide optimal year-round energy saving benefits by selectively filtering the sun’s energy in summer and reducing heat loss in winter. In the summer, High Performance LoE glass products let in visible sunlight while blocking infrared and ultraviolet solar energy that drives up cooling costs and damages curtains, window treatments, carpeting and furnishings. And in the winter, High Performance LoE glass products offer greater comfort and reduced heating costs by reflecting room-side heat back into the room.

Do you put use Argon gas or Krypton gas in your windows?

Our windows come standard with Super Spacer separating the two panes of glass in an insulated glass unit. Argon or Krypton can be added for an additional price.

Do you have a showroom I can visit?

Yes, please view our showroom locations here

Can I install the windows myself or get my contractor to do it?


How far will you go to install?

At present, we will install in most of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

What makes you different from the other companies?

We manufacture locally and invite you to visit our factory and staff. Some companies do not even have an office for you to visit. All of our window installers are employees of Qualitech Windows. We pride ourselves in training and equipping our installers to work on your projects using our time tested installation techniques.